SAVINGS CHALLENGE 4: Know your money, grow your money – business and personal runways

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We tell ourselves a lot of stories about money. We think money only affects those who have money. We think there’s a single right answer to our financial situation. We think there’s a difference between managing our own finances and that of small business. Just One Lap CEO and Fat Wallet podcast host Kristia van Heerden dispels these myths and shows you valuable tools to manage both.

She is joined by Hilary Mangwanya from Absa Retail and Business Bank and Jeff Gable,  Absa Chief Economist for further insights on business finance and business survival in COVID-19.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to arm yourself for good financial decision-making
  • How to think about money when you don’t have any
  • How the principles of managing personal and business finance are similar and the tools to manage both
  • An approach for small business cashflow management
  • The evolving economic outlook we need to operate in

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