SAVINGS CHALLENGE 6: Women’s Month – Female Financial Futures

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The host of our #waystosave Women’s Month webinar, personal finance coach and author Mapalo Makhu, truly lives out the words of the African Proverb – educate a woman; educate a nation. Mapalo believes that even the smallest education on personal finance can make a huge difference in women’s financial future and wealth; after all, women are the bearers of generational wealth.

She is joined by SASI Chairperson Prem Govender and Absa wealth and investment management expert Hwalani Mabaso as they share key insights every woman should know to take charge of her financial future.

What you’ll learn:

  • Mother, wife, worker, life – making money work for you
  • Female entrepreneurship and the side-hustle
  • Changing mindsets on women and money
  • A man is not a financial plan – gaining financial freedom

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Mapalo Makhu and Prem Govender
Hwalani Mabaso